Monday, August 10, 2009

I'll Take That In ISK Please

Passed on from a corpmate, we have some news that CCP paid its employees in foreign currecy during the economic instability:

CCP staff paid in foreign currency during economic meltdown

CCP Games, based in Iceland, took a number of measures during the country's economic meltdown at the end of last year/beginning of this year in order to help its staff through the events, including paying employees in a foreign currency.

Neat! Thanks Wygg.

Question: Does Eve ISK count as a foreign currency?


  1. If you do a wikipedia search for isk:

    #1 ISK is the currency in the space MMORPG Eve Online
    #2 ISK, an abbreviation for Icelandic króna, the national currency of Iceland

    Eve online appears before the Krona, so therefore yes...its an official currency:)

  2. I'd read somewhere that they were paying their people in dollars, pounds, and euros but I don't recall where and I can't find a link anymore. My google-fu is weak today, I guess.