Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eve Has Sound?!

When I first started playing Eve I loved having the audio enabled to hear the (impossible in reality) sounds of weapons, explosions, and ambient noises. Not to mention the sci fi music. But I could not play with audio enabled and voice comms at the same time because too many of Eve sounds were too loud and could not be turned down enough to hear commands on Vent or Teamspeak. So for the past two years audio has been disabled.

Recently the developers have addressed some issues in audio volumes and quality and I decided last night to give it a try again. Man, it makes the game feel new again.

I wasn't doing much last night; the corp was quiet so I jumped to Orvolle and took my Stealth Bomber Reloading into New Mexico for a scout around. The audio made it a relaxing journey and I scouted out the two gates looking for opportunities to drop a bomb or two on people's heads.

At one point I considered making a run at an Ishkur assault frigate sitting still at a gate but a check of its resistances suggested that my bomb would not take it out but rather only annoy it. I didn't bother but instead refined my bookmarks and added a couple to the list while chatting in various channels.

Perhaps I'll have more luck when activity picks up on the weekend.

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  1. Quite liking the new sound effects myself now they don't overrule vent any more. Looking forward to the future audio overhaul. I always find it quite disorienting to play without sound. And good sound effects add to user friendliness!