Sunday, August 02, 2009

End of Vacation Screen Dump Post

Just some pictures from my two week vacation. Enjoy!

New Ships

Derranna's Rapier and Scimitar:

Kirith's Nighthawk visiting a local star:

Mining alt Grumhold mining ice in the Hulk:

Scenic Shots

Derranna in her Orca approaching a gate just below a planet's rings:

Kirith in the Nighthawk getting pummeled by Sansha Nation:

Staring in ice mining beams will burn your retinas:

Deranna supervising from the comfort of the Industrial Command Ship:


Kirith in his Nightmare destroying Krull's latest pleasure gardens:

Be back Tuesday!


  1. awesome pics but why you got a hulk mining ice and not a macki?? macki is better at any level of exhumer.

  2. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Nice captures there. Good one of the Rapier - it's a cool looking ship, imo, a rarity for Minmatar. I really like the Orca approaching the gate. The explosion sequence is good. I like the second - it has some drama and anticipation of the doom of the station with the Nightmare looking on with satisfaction.

  3. Tal: the ice mining was a "let's try it" impulse and the Hulk was lying around. Not sure how much better the Mack is, but if I get into serious ice mining I'll be sure to check it out.