Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dear Jumpgate Evolution: Frack Off

I hold nothing against the concept of other sci-fi space mmo games like Jumpgate Evolution, Star Trek Online, or Black Prophecy. I welcome to see what they can bring to the genre and how the pressures of competition improve my game of choice. Who knows, I might even be swayed away from Eve by the right feature set and execution.

Jumpgate Evolution is not one I am interested in at all. It seems very shallow and following too many MMO standards that I find boring and past their prime, such as multiple servers, seperated PvE and PvP, possible instancing, meaningless combat penalties, etc. But when Andrew strolled in and pointed me to this Q&A article, specifically the second to last question, I had to respond. (Empahsis added)
OP by SpeechMan:
So far what we've seen, JGE will have PvP system which is mix between JGC and WAR (including renown points) , control system that's mix between JGC and freelancer, etc.
I'd ike to hear about things that haven't been seen in MMOs before, could you name 3 such things in JGE?

Hermann Peterscheck:
1. Active mission updates on the fly - i.e. more like space games instead of MMOs.
2. Really large battles (100+ ships).
3. Action space combat instead of a dice roll or RPG style system (I know other MMOs have done this, but I think we're doing it better).
Dear Mr Peterscheck: Frack Off. To say that you either have to a) not know that Eve routinely handles space battles of multiple hundreds of ships which means you haven't done your homework, or b) know that and lie through your teeth to attract the ignorant masses as much as possible to your already floundering-in-development game (push back release dates much?). Either way it makes you an ass.

Now, I'll allow the possibility that your response was poorly worded and you misunderstood the question and you think that your game brings these three qualities together combined that no other game has, but I still call bullshit. Eve's missions may not be the most exciting part of the game but they do have parameters that change mid-mission and active updates. And this "action space combat" shit probably refers to joystick twitch fighter piloting, but I assure you from my perspective that Eve has ship classes that require on good piloting and battles with fast reaction speeds that match combat from the X-Wing/TIE Fighter days.

But ultimately, I think you're just full of shit and lying through your teeth. You've officially moved JGE from my "ignore" list to my "disparage" list.


  1. Agreed. I like the fact that when asked to offer 3 unique aspects, there is only one that is arguably unique... I just hope that the release doesn't hurt EVE's market for too long. Good time to pick up characters ready for resale later, though, I'd imagine, since demand will drop for a while, until people realise that JGE is just EVE done poorly, then when people move across... :)

  2. How to offend EVE players who might look into JGE in one step. Question could have been answered a lot better by focussing on innovative details rather than the answer that was given ¬¬

  3. Anonymous9:27 am

    I will not being looking at JGE now. To hell with them. That blatant display of ignorance is more than enough to convince me to stay fat and happy in my capsule.

  4. And here I was, willing to give it at least a cursory glance. And now all it will get is ignored and criticized. Thanks for sharing that Kirith.

  5. #2 there fails big time. I know they weren't ships... But I had some RvR battles in DAoC that had damn-near 100+ people involved.

    Or how about some of those times that the Alliance (Horde) would attack Orgrimmar (Stormwind) in WoW?

  6. At first I was really interested in the development of this game as well and was watching some of the dev posts, particularly the question/answer segment they did. Funny that this part stood out to you as much as it did to me.

    The initial concepts of the game I thought sounded interesting. Then I began to hear the words coming in of seperate pvp and pve, no real loss when your ships go boom, and various other things. Now I realize it's really just WoW, with a differant paint job.

    And a 100+ ships?? Somebody send this chap one of the numerous Eve youtube videos available...

  7. To be fair, maybe he means PvE encounters with that many opponents. Outside of single-player games I have not had any opportunities to wade through many dozens of mobs, avoiding attacks and dealing huge amounts of damage. There may be some PvP occasions when that many opponents have squared off but JGE makes it commonplace it may be a neat change.

    And, let's be honest, we don't know much beyond the simple statement. Until we know what he means and how it is implemented it is a little early to rage about it. Besides, maybe unique features aren't as important as well-implemented features.

  8. pjharvey: Ok, let's say he referring to PvE only. Is it a big deal if he manages to get players into large battles against hordes of NPCs that don't kill the players instantly? ... Maaaaybe, depending on the execution, it could feel epic. But I'm willing to bet its not a technological hurdle worth crowing about. I'm positive Eve could support level 4 or five missions with 99 NPC ships and your own.

  9. Anonymous1:56 pm

    CLASSIC! best rant EVER!!!!!

  10. I could swear I killed over 100 ships on several missions in the X-Wing and Tie Fighter games back in the day.

    I loved that A-Wing mission where you could score capital kills without firing a shot too. Stupid AI cap ships shot each other as they missed you when you flew between them. IIRC you could get over 120 fighter kills in that mission as well.

    Granted, it wasn't an MMO, but still. . . .

  11. I love sending Kirith into a foam-at-the-mouth rant. You're welcome, everyone. ;)

    *ponders slagging EVE a tad just to rile him up again*

  12. Why don´t you go and ask this things on the Q&A thread? Maybe he would explain a ilttle more. I´ll do it tomorrow afetr some sleep.

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  14. I immediately decided to ignore JGE when they first announced in on X-Play for exactly the same reasons why everyone is laughing at them here: some guy on their development team was going on and on about how unique the game was.

    1) We have an in-game voice chat system that has never been done before in online games!
    2) You can level up your pilot in certain areas to make them specialized in certain types of gameplay. So If you want, your pilot can be geared towards mining, or combat.
    3) If you want, you can just go out and fly into these large battles that can handle upwards around 100 other ships.

    Yes, he really did try and take credit for CHARACTER CLASSES!!!