Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Hexx

I gave you equal time for your views when the Ricdic affair blew up, so this report definitely gets posted:
EVE Online player run bank 1.2 trillion ISK in the red, freezes all accounts

Ok, I'm coming to conclusions again. They are somewhat along the lines of:
Now, I have no way of verifying any claims of a ex-Eve Bank CEO and ex-Eve player but accusations like this confirm my bias against large in-game financial organizations / schemes. As long as they are run by volunteers with no threat of real retribution for wrong-doing, they are shakier than a house of cards in my opinion.
I hope people with money invested in Eve Bank recover some of their funds.


  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    +1 to trust for them telling folks what was going on

    -9 for the absolutely utter bleak state of affairs the bank has to deal with. oh and freezing accounts on top of that.

    On the whole I too will never invest in another eve bank ever again.

    Manalpan has stated he wishes to put things right with Dynasty Bank but we shall see what happens with that.

  2. as stated on their forum thread, 75 billion on wages, im not sure how many people were employed but that seems like a huge amount.

  3. It depends on the timeframe. If that is 75 billion over a year and they had 75-150 employees, its not a lot.

    After all, I've made well over a billion from writing for the Eve tribune in a year, it adds up.

  4. Whoa baby, the secondary market sure is a shaky thing at the moment...