Friday, August 14, 2009

Bombed (And Not In The Good Way)

I wasn't due to log into Eve last night, but my wife got a phone call from her best friend and previous experience suggested that it was going to be a long one. I was lazy, too lazy to go to the office and log in... what if I was wrong and the call ended suddenly? Then I would have wasted the twenty steps to the office and 20 steps back... plus turning on the light and off the light, monitor on, monitor off...etc... What can I say? I was beat.

So I broke out the laptop. I figured I'd check some Weewar games, update my market orders, nothing strenuous. But after all that was done I was still waiting on the wife. Gift of gab indeed.

Now I have a rule that I don't PvP on the laptop. Its powerful enough to run Eve ok, but no voice comms and using the touchpad instead of my favoured trackball mouse makes delicate maneuvures dangerous at best, deadly at worst.

I should have just browsed the internet. Instead I logged into Kirith. Just to look around New Mexico again.

I played it cool to start, warping to a scanning spot cloaked, warping to an off gate bookmark (cloaked) to see what was there. Admired the Dominx, Zealot, Devoter Heavy Interdictor with bubble active and agreed with myself there was nothing worth bombing in this little camp.

I should have left it at that. But I've got Bombing Fever baby! So I decided to move into a bombing position in case something juicy showed up at the gate.

Of course, I forgot that short warps still get impacted by interdiction bubbles. So instead of landing 30 km from the gate, I warped to the endge of the Devoter's Warp Disruption Field.

"No biggy," I thought. "I'm still 18 km from all the bad guys. I'll just turn around and move away from the bubble."

Except that the gate's docking ring is fracking huge as we discussed before. So large that the Devoter at the gate had its bubble draw me right to 0 km from the gate itself (even though the gate model was 10+ km away.

There goes the cloak.

Taken totally off guard, I panicked and tried to warp to my safe spot to recloak while the Zealot pilot was quick with the reflexes and started to lock me. I could have jumped through the gate, but I was caught flat footed both by the bubble and the dropped cloak, and I'm sorely out of practice for null sec space.

The Zealot made me pay the price. Sigh.

I'd like to say that had I been on the good computer I might have made that warp before dying, but its iffy. I sucked and that's the real problem. Out of practice.

But with each loss comes a lesson and I was due for a good smacking, I've had a long run of good luck. Next week I'll be back in New Mexico with a new bomber and we'll try it again.


  1. Hi Kirith,

    just want to say i am avid reader of your blog.

    i have just started my own;

    i'd like to challenge you to a duel if you have time at some point.

    untill then fly safe...

  2. Nice, subscribed.

    And definitely, I love duels! Just give me a location and ship class, I'll mosey on over in my free time and when we are both on we can tango.


    Email or evemail me the details.

  3. Ouch! Hate those bubbles like that.

    Fortunately Manti's aren't *too* expensive. Still... would have been fun if you'd at least lobbed a bomb before the Zealot got you. Wouldn't have killed anything, but would have been interesting to see if anything got said in local about it.

  4. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I feel for you on that one. It's so easy to get flustered if something happens you weren't expecting and suddenly you find yourself in danger. For me anyway.

    Yay for trackballs - love my trackman. One for the desktop and one for the laptop (as much as possible, anyway).

    I also recommend a tablet for Eve. I use one for photo editing, and I find it's very precise for Eve. I have a lot less mis-clicks with the tablet than I do with a trackball/mouse. When working fast I'll bump the ball/mouse when clicking and the pointer will drift off and I miss. With the tablet pen I press the button on the side for right/left click, then touch the pen to the tablet, and that's when the click executes. Better accuracy and faster. If you've got one, give it a try.

  5. Did a bit of bomb launching myself today with some alliance mates. Unfortunately, one of us died, which prompted me to write a little post about how to use bombs. Not saying that you don’t know how to use them : ) but I thought you might like to have a look.