Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Update On Trading

When I started the trading effort on Monday I had 792 million ISK to invest. As of this morning I have 871 million in ISK and orders. I admit I am making money faster than expected. This requires a new post tag.

That is all, carry on.


  1. Care to give an exhaustively detailed tutorial? With graphs and diagrams?

    I'd love to get a better handle on the markets.

  2. I debated this idea but I'm worried about increasing the competition and cutting my profit margins LOL

    Maybe in a few weeks.

  3. EVE Trading tutorial:

    - Buy low.

    - Sell high.

    - Make ISK.

    It beats the grind of missioning by several hundred light-years :))

  4. And don't take big slow Freighters into lowsec (i.e., Tama) to pick up something that will fit in a frigate.
    (Some lessons you learn the hard way.)