Monday, July 20, 2009

Mid Vacation HOLY CRAP Post

From the latest Dev Blog called "COSMOS":
The starting platform will have your character, corporation and alliance profiles, a new mail system and a new contacts system, which brings in two-way agreed friendships. The mail and contacts system will have parallel functionality on the all-new COSMOS website as well as in-game, so you will have the same mail and other information both in- and out-of-game. Following the first release, we will be churning out additional features and will have an ongoing team of developers and designers working full-time on COSMOS.
Emphasis mine on the TRULY AWESOME bits. I'm telling ya, quality of life features take little effort and go a long way to customer happiness.


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    forgive me for being ignorant but are they going to repair or replace the existing system if they are just porting it over to the web ...who cares. if they are creating a new one...I see some reasons to be excited, but maybe i missed something?

  2. I read it as replacing the current mail system but I could be completely wrong.

  3. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Well, *I'm* excited. I've been longing for a way to check my EVEmail out of game, and this is like the penny in the well wish coming true for me. Can't wait!

  4. EVE Offline: going even further towards not needing the game client. =)