Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Escape From DIZ

I'm writing a piece for the Tribune on the fall of Intrepid Crossing which is well underway. I don't know if it qualifies as a failure cascade when members of 10+ alliances decide you need to die and you can count the number of your friends on one hand.

Regardless, the order has been given to move expensive assets out of the IRC capital of DIZ as sov 4 is going to end on the system and when that happens we expect a hostile tsunami to arrive to take the system. So yesterday the process was begun to get our assets secured away from the heat so we could help in the rebuilding of the alliance.

I had no problems get the Ninveah out safely. I made the first jump solo to an operating beacon and waited in a safe spot in a quiet system while a director prepared the next cyno.

Chimera at sunrise:

Then after the second jump to a friendly POS I waited for another corpmate, an ex-Strife pilot as well, to get his act together and get his Moros on the cyno train. Once there we waited for another director to setup the last beacon in low sec where we could dock and breath a sigh of relief.

Waiting for the next beacon:

Losing cruisers and battleships is one thing; losing a fully equipped capital is another thing entirely (even if its only T2 equipped). So now we can concetrate on participating in the fighting retreat, secure in the knowledge that we go down with our heads held high that it took a lot of enemy firepower after a knock down and drag out war with RA to finish us off.


  1. Great pic there with the 'sunrise.'

    Glad to see you got the Ninveah out intact!

  2. When you first posted about being surrounded my first thought was "I hope nothing happens to the Ninveah".

    Glad to see you made it out!

  3. "Yeah, Kirith... he's a dope. I don't care if he goes and dies in a fire. But I sure hope that carrier is ok."

    Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah: where the ship is more important than the pilot.


  4. Owch... so your alliance is losing its 0.0 space? What do alliances in that situation do next?

  5. There are several possible outcomes:

    1) Alliance disbands, i.e. total failure cascade.

    2) Alliance gets new space in unused territory of ally.

    3) Alliance goes to NPC 0.0 like Syndicate or Curse to regroup, rebuild, and plan for the future. From there they either bounce back or end up disbanding.

    4) Alliance becomes mercenaries / roaming PvPers.

    5) Alliance goes to low sec and is never heard from again.

  6. Anonymous7:25 am

    Damn talk about kicking a man when he is down...damn bro and I thought they were beating up on me when I lost my 1.2 billion, you get your carrier out but your alliance burns up in flames ( so to speak of course) and they cheer and clap loudly. hang in there pal.

  7. Well making it out is good! Best of luck to you guys, I just heard about the IRC/ED stuff last week through the PODDED podcast.

    The bad ending is terrible :(

  8. I do feel for ED and many good people in IRC. However I got no tears to spend for IRC leadership.

    I am sort of happy you make it out Kirith. I should have today finally a bit of time to join a fleet op at evening and show myself in front of Dizney World even.