Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Skills Update

For those following along at home, here is the current status of skill training in the Universe of Bill.

Kirith completed the prerequisites for the Nighthawk but I've put off buying the Command Ships skillbook until my wallet is large enough to buy a whack of skillbooks at once. For the Vulture, I need Logistics up to level IV and I'm holding off on that skillbook too.

So while my wallet grows I'm turning my attention, as discussed several times recently, to Dreadnought training, specifically the Phoenix. So to that end I'm 8 days through the Torpedoes V skill level with 10.5 days remaining. On the upside of this long skill I'll get access to Torpedo Specialization for Tech II Seige launchers and torps so I can play more with the Manticore.

Unfortunately, once I'm done the current skill I also have the 26 days of Advanced Weapons Upgrades to get to level V so I can get Seige Mode for true POS bashing. Good news, it opens up Marauder Battleships should I ever feel the need to blow another billion ISK on a ship.

With the prerequisite skills done, I can purchase the Caldari Dreadnought, Citadel Torpedoes, and Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration skillbooks for a cool 135 million ISK and begin training them.

Its funny, I could be able to sit in a Phoenix in 90 minutes from now but require weeks to be qualified to fly it into combat. Such is Eve.

* * * * *

On Derranna, she is finally on the last day of Tech 3 skill training (for now). That means tomorrow she can start working on her Logisitics ship training again which is a 55 day odessy. Most of the time will be taken up with Minmatar Cruiser V which is 23.75 days for her.

So to recap, once my current skill plans are complete with all the skill books I need to buy, Kirith will be able to fly four new ships (Phoenix, Nighthawk, Vulture, Basilisk) and Derranna one (Scimitar). I guess I'm going to need more money to buy those ships!

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