Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planning the Campaign: CSM 2010

So part of my New Eden Domination Project is a run for the Council of Stellar Management next year. To that end I'm working out what my platform would be in order to garner the votes I would need.

Working from the top down, I feel that I'm going to run on the keyword of "Revisit". Not as catchy as "Change" or "Hope" but it is an accurate description of how I would like the devs to spend some cycles. Revisit Faction warfare; revisit low sec; revisit null sec sovereignty; revisit NPC AI; revisit planets; revisit missions; revisit bounties; revisit new player experience (again!); revisit stock market and banks; revist faction ships; etc etc etc. In essence I want to enhance the existing universe instead of extending it.

Of course some of those points may be addressed in the intervening year in the upcoming expansions between now and the next election cycle. And some of them may not be popular with other players who are more intent on the next shiny.

Next step: delve into the Council of Stellar Management forums!


  1. Sounds great Kirith! You'd certainly have my vote. Hopefully the podcast will give you some broader exposure to the community and lead to a good chance of winning.

  2. Dude! Don't go all hopye changey. Lately that's proven to be little more than Fail in the making.

    I dig on the revisit. Let's make a more solid game before adding more broken stuff.

  3. Anonymous3:24 am

    So the Revisiting Eve campaign has started ? I like it already !

    Make a fancy button (or have that made :)) to place on people's blogs !

  4. Revist agent distribution among the factions focusing on high quality l4 agents(16+) in .5 and .6 systems to help clear the caldari scourge...

  5. you've got my votes, guaranteed

  6. Revisiting sounds like a solid plan - hopefully we don't have to wait until you are CSM to make it happen!

  7. Excellent platform. You would get my vote.

  8. Anonymous7:27 pm

    I suggest you work with corporations and get them to assign you as their representitive. Also campaign in newbie corps. Getting people to vote who didn't before will be more effective than changing the minds of people who voted before.

  9. Anonymous2:57 pm

    You'll have my vote simply based on the fact that I will recognize somebody on the ballot.

    I didn't bother to vote my accounts in the last CSM election because none of the candidates meant anything to me and because I am not sure I have seen much change since the CSM has been around.

    At least you would be able to nullify that first one for me. Good luck on the second though!