Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Daresay Sir, You Have Gone Beyond the Pale!

Look what I saw on Twitter today:

That's right, someone is slagging my Caldari ships! Saying they are all ugly!

The Rokh is the epitome of fierce solid block of whoop-ass:

(Pssssst CCP: Where is my +25m3 drone space?)

The Merlin / Harpy / Hawk are true awesome looking ships:

In my opinion, the best looking frigs in the game.

The Ferox looks mean and solid as a rock. I love the look of flying this beast and I can't wait for the Nighthawk and Vulture:

The Caracal has a sleek hunter look to it, low to the ground and stalking its prey:

And five launchers of DPS too!

The Cormorant harkens to the Ferox and looks like a light Destroyer should:

The Raven actually looking like a swooping Raven, descending from the heavens to deliver the death to below:

Don't get me started on how beautiful the Chimera is. It is the flagship of my blog after all:

The Scorpion suffers from lack of symmetry but once you get past that conception it really is a cool looking sci fi vessel:

And the Moa... well... ok, the Moa is a monstrousity. I'll grant you that.

But it does grow on you after a while. The raptorous arch of the bridge, the solid block of a body.

I love the look of the Caldari fleet. Only the Osprey and Leviathan puts me off.


  1. When I look at the Rokh, there is only one phrase I can think of: 'This... is my Boom-Stick!'

  2. I'm not much of a fan of the look of the Blackbird/Falcon either.

  3. Well I'll agree with you on the Rokh, Ferox, Merlin, Cormie and the Chimera, but the rest well.... I'll take Amarr ships over them any day.


  4. I always thought the proboscis on the Raven was more like an insect than a bird - an annoying blood sucking insect that you swat with impunity.

    But if you want ugly, you can't beat the Vigil ( The Cheetah used to look like that, but then CCP showed mercy and changed it.

  5. Well, the Probe hull isn't so much of a win either...

  6. A ship doesn't have to symmetrical to be beautifull. I'd even go so far to say that a perfectly symmetrical ship(mirrored one side to the other, eg. Hurricane) is uglier then an assymetrical one.
    A great example of how to make ships look good is HW2 i'd say and Eve does a pretty decent job too, especially the T3 ships pull it off well. (take a look at the heat reducing engineering subsystem of the tengu for instance, that's hawt)
    (blargh /rambling)

  7. Don't forget about the Charon/Rhea!

    They look very sexeh!


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