Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fleeting Treasures

"Here you go Bill."

What's this? My mother-in-law has a Coke Zero for me? Sweet. I love me some Coke Zero. Sweet caffeine goodness helps keep me up at night during Eve ops.

Waitaminute.... this looks funny. For one thing, its only 500 ml instead of 591 ml (the weird amount corresponding to some number of ounces that our stupid integrated economy with backyard Americans has to put up with since they are too stubborn to adopt the metric system). And as I look closer I notice something else.

That ain't English baby. I quickly check the ingredients label to see where this comes from. And lo; could it be? IT IS! Its Icelandic Coke Zero!

Of course! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law took a week vacation to Iceland recently and she brought this back for me (as my Coke Addiction is well known). This bottle could have been in a cooler in a store a CCP dev walked into. In fact... they may have touched it while getting their own. *SWOONS*

I shall treasure this bottle forever, giving it a special place on my mantle. Sweet Icelandic Coke, a small piece of the heaven on earth that gave me my other addiction, Eve Online. It is my greatest possession!

*snap* *fizz* *glug glug glug glug glug*

Ahhhhhh, writing posts is thirsty work.

... DOH!


  1. Err, couldn't they walk into CCP and get you a Megathron or some other ship model instead? :P

  2. They should've gotten you a bottle of Quafe =p

  3. Yes for coke my man! Coke > Pepsi!

  4. Dude! You devalued that Coke by drinking it! For shame!