Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flames Across Etherium Reach

I've avoided posting much about the war or my thoughts about it because I do not want to be a security risk for the alliance. But I do have some general thoughts that are safe to talk about.

Intrepid Crossing is the first real alliance I've been in that is in an actual territory war. My time with Coreli Syndicate / Exuro Mortis was relatively short and they were fairly static the time I was there; they didn't lose their space and station in Fountain until after I was gone. So I'm experiencing first hand the POS warfare and reports that I've only seen from afar before and its very eye-0pening.

On one hand, its very exciting. Tactical decisions about where to attack, which POS to reinforce or destroy, which to repair, who's got moon majority in the systems and when does the station flip hands, etc. Its like being in a board game at the board level. Your opponent's are well versed in the rules and tactics and its all about getting the right fleets in the right spots and winning the battles at the right times. I can see why alliances like Goonswarm and KenZoku have fought wars over regions for years.

However, on the other hand it is time consuming. You can't pop in for thirty minutes and join in a POS bash so easily. Operations to do the work need to be scheduled ahead of time and if you log in on the tail end of an operation going on three regions away, you're out of luck. And while at war its not easy to get off and rat in peace without feeling guilty you're not helping the effort. In my opinion, 0.0 alliance territory wars are for those with lots of free time for Eve.

I'm doing my best to participate, however. Logistic runs for the corp to keep them in the thick of things for example. And a couple times my carrier has gone on quiet POS repping ops. Activities that don't get you on killmails but need to be done. I'm not frustrated by what I'm doing, just frustrated about not having larger blocks of time to do more.

Regardless, I'm hoping this weekend for a good two hour or more block to log in and get in some real shooting action. Hopefully I don't log in like last time and find myself inbetween ops. That sucked.

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