Monday, June 15, 2009

Fighting The War

Saturday night I got some serious free time and I logged in with Nationalistic fervour to do my part. As my screen resolved I put my x up and got into a fleet just disbanding. WHAT?!?!

Fortunately, a new fleet was reforming from the remnants so I transitioned into it and requested the desired ship types. The call went out for remote repping short ranged battleships as the main, logistics as secondary. I've currently got two battleships in Etherium Reach: Insisto Oblivium II which is a Rokh fitted with rigs and tech II gear for long range sniping, and the Armageddon Memories of Mynxee set up with a mix of gear and ready for short ranged remote repping. No contest.

We went out to kill a medium tower or two coming out of reinforced. Since no enemy presence was detected on the fields of battle I took a lot of pictures during the op and you get to view some of them here. As usual, click to see full sized image.

Memories of Mynxee heading out to battle:

And in combat:

Here is the fleet attacking the first POS:

After about an hour of pounding the POS finally goes down:

Off to a second POS that was out of fuel and ready for destruction.

Here is what it looks like without the pretty screenshot option on:

Here is one of my Berseker II drones buzzing the tower.

And here are some other ships from the fleet. Abaddon:



Cynabal faction crusier:


And one of the all important Guardians:

After a while the second POS succumbed to our firepower:

With the action done and my time up, I turned the battleship around and headed home:

I'm really liking this ship. No ammo worries, decent tank, remote rep without hurting my DPS, and damn nice looking too. I'll have to import some better equipment and rigs to make it really shine.

Fear the Battleship named Memories of Mynxee!!!!


  1. That all looks really cool.

  2. What's the MoM's fitting setup like?

  3. This is what it is currently using based on mods available to me in Etherium Reach:

  4. Anonymous4:23 pm

    Ok, I'll give you that it's a good ship, but nice looking? That's a stretch :)