Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bustling Activity

The hardest part of blogging is coming up with good post titles.

Anyway, the cloaks came out of the factory on the weekend and have been selling well enough to fund my recent skill book buying binge. In order to keep the factory fires burning, I looked at what BPCs I had and tried to determine what to do.

Widow runs? Nice profit margin estimated at 100+million per ship, but initial outlay of funds is over 600 million. Maybe later.

Vultures? Gah, improved over a couple months ago but still too cheap on the market for profit.

With all my Tech II BPCs out of the question, I decided it was time for more ship invention. To the labs! Well, no actually, first to the market for datacores. I had 10 Condor BPCs and 12 Kestrel BPCs so I got enough datacores to invent them and datacores for 40 invention tries on Invulnerability Fields.

I started with the Condors first and got 3 successes out of ten tries. This morning I put 10 Manticore attempts and we'll find out tomorrow how they will do. Once I rebuild the wallet I'll see about some good old fashioned Onyx invention.

1 comment:

  1. Eh oh thanks for the reminder. Unfortunately I won't be able to get back in EVE for a week or two.

    Will get you those BPC's ASAP tho to fund for your soon to be shiny Nighthawk ;)