Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Setting Up

After getting up to the station in Etherium Reach, the holiday weekend (Victoria Day Weekend in Canada) was upon me and I found my time for games severely depleted as I spent some time with the family and doing a lot of home chores that needed to be done. So Monday night (which felt like Sunday night to me) I finally had time to sit down and fire up the client.

I'm still getting used to being in a big alliance again, figuring out all the modes of communication and making sure I knew all the right channels. I've never been in an alliance big enough for its own capital pilots channel, that in of itself is something intimidating to get used to. So instead of throwing myself into the operation that was forming for a deep roam somewhere down south in unfriendly territory, I opted for the more prudent choice of getting familiar with my local system and making a ton of bookmarks for when bad guys come calling, like bookmarks to:
- the jump bridges
- 150 km off station off the plane to avoid bubbles
- 150 km off each gate off the plane to avoid bubbles
- undock warp to point from station
- and a plain old safe spot.

While I was doing that a corp mate wanted to bring some stuff in a Blockade runner from high sec to 0.0 so I jumped into Derranna and provided a scout for him in her Cheetah covert ops, making sure there was no bubbles. It was all clear but once again I was frustrated by having to check to see if a neutral in system was friendly or not the hard way. So once my friend was safe I moved to the nearest m3 corp office and applied to get Derranna into the corporation. She may not be able to run around high sec safely anymore but at least I can now set her up to go into 0.0 with some equipment and make my life more involved out there.

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  1. I've been told bm's around the gate are better at 300km or more. Gives you more of a buffer if you need to warp directly to fleet mates in an engagement around the gate. Also something about dd range was mentioned but I'm not sure what the range is on a dd device?