Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Jump Too Far

So the marching orders came down and the plan for moving the capital fleet was announced. Everything looks good except the timing... I'm a father of 1 year old twins and on the weekends I'm on duty for late night and early morning wake ups, I can't set an alarm clock for a middle of the night operation when I most need my sleep. Perhaps I could squeeze in a mid week late night operation, but the weekends are family responsibilities.

So figuring that moving after everyone else would be problematic, I decided to be preemptive and do what I have done many, many times before (come to think of it, I don't think I've ever moved my current carrier to a cyno that was not generated by Derranna).

This morning before work, my favourite time for carrier jumps as the populations tend to be more sedate around downtime, I loaded up the Jump Range Planner and put in the information, picked some good waypoints, and sent Derranna in her little cyno ship to the first jump. Once she got there she picked a good spot, got Kirith in gang, lit the cyno, and I undocked the carrier.

"JUMP" I ordered in my best captain voice.

"Beacon is too far," the ship's AI informed me matter-of-factually. "The beacon is 14 light years away and your ship can only jump 13.6 light years."

I put in Jump Drive Calibration V instead of IV into the planner. I really should log in when doing plans as it has my stored info.

I scrambled to redock, and when safe I went back to Derranna to wait out the timer and then pick a new, correct jump waypoint and send her there. A nice empty system this time, I once again picked a good spot, lit the cyno, and this time the Ninveah jumped without complaint (although I swear the AI was using a mocking tone when informing me the jump was complete).

* * * * *
Follow up on the new header:

When soliciting comment from Andrew he mentioned that it would look better without the Blogger Bar at the time and the borders around the image. Alas, I said, there is no option to remove the Blogger Bar anymore. but one google search later he sent this address to me and a few seconds later it was removed. I was able to remove the division borders myself. He thinks it looks better but it looks so naked to me. However, I trust his colour judgement more than my own.


  1. re: Late night ops -
    Brian and I played a web game called 'Dominion' for years and it all operated in real time. Doing crap at stupid times in the wee hours of the morning was one of the reason I left that game. 4am alarm clocks for game play are ridiculous, and I lost soooo much sleep that way.

    re: banner:
    "He thinks it looks better but it looks so naked to me."

    Exactly! Like the depths of space.

  2. So dumb question. How do I search your blog now without the blogger bar?

  3. Not a dumb question, it occurred to me as well. But to be honest, doing a normal google search and prefacing the terms with "ninveah" usually works much better than the blogger bar search I find.

    For example: google "Ninveah Missiles" and the first hit is my article on missiles. :)

    But I might look for a gadget to do searches anyways.

  4. Anonymous9:02 pm

    I like the new banner bro :) sucks on the bad jump tho...ouch

  5. Ideas for search tool: