Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Death to Smoochy!

I loaded up Derranna's Jump Freighter last night with stuff I thought she would need out in 0.0: Prowler and Cheetah and respective mods. She's mostly preparing for when the alliance gets out of full war footing and back to regular quieter weeks.

The idea is that Derranna will assist Kirith with ratting / exploration by salvaging and looting wrecks, finding complexes, and providing scouting duties. Of course, Kirith does not have a good battleship in 0.0 for NPC work but that will come in due course. War is first and foremost; profit secondary.

So with the Freighter partially loaded I scouted Derranna to the jump off point and let the corp know she's ready for stuff to go to 0.0. I'll give them 24 hours or so and then hit the button.

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