Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Skill Stats

From In
Skills Trained: 196 (50.65%) of a total 387 available skills, 413 including skills not released.
Skills Cost: 1,416,796,154 ISK
Skillpoint Ranking: 9782nd place (of characters submitted to In

This is why Eve rocks in terms of progression: 2.5 years in and I've learned about half of the skills in the game (ignoring the fact Derranna has learned a good portion of the rest).

Levels Trained:
Level 0 : 1 (0.51%)
Level 1 : 15 (7.65%)
Level 2 : 12 (6.12%)
Level 3 : 38 (19.39%)
Level 4 : 82 (41.84%)
Level 5 : 48 (24.49%)

Glad to see most of my skills are level IV and V.

Ships I can fly: 102 (44.16%) of a total 231 available ships. (Amarr Battleship IV will add 8 ships to that count)


  1. *sigh*

    I'll get there, someday...

  2. I'm surprised how close we are, both in rank and skills trained, but the costs! You've got some expensive skills, my friend.

    Surprisingly I come in at being able to fly 144/231 (62.34%) of the ships.

  3. I big chunk of that was the Black Ops and the Capital ships related skill books.

    If I trained Minmatar Cruiser and Battleship, that would boost the number of ships I can fly by a lot.