Thursday, April 23, 2009

Patience Was Never My Strong Suit

I went Nightmare shopping and found myself facing two options. Either I could buy the ship outright for 930 million or buy a 1 run blueprint for 800 million.

I plugged the mineral quantities into a spreadsheet and updated the mineral prices to current Amarr values:
Isogen 130,371 57.25 7,463,739.75
Megacyte 2,479 4,114.90 10,200,837.10
Mexallon 522,143 29.15 15,220,468.45
Nocxium 32,555 79.12 2,575,751.60
Pyreite 2,084,282 4.22 8,795,670.04
Tritanium 8,335,395 4.25 35,425,428.75
Zydrine 7,766 1,862.88 14,467,126.08


So buying the BPC and the minerals straight off the market would be about 35 million less than the current best contract. SOLD!

I now and the proud owner of a blueprint that I need to transport back to base and manufacture. I'll probably wait until after the weekend to do that.

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  1. Anonymous6:06 am

    Heh, neat saving :) Going to buy another, plus the mins, and sell it?