Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh Ferrogel, How I Love/Hate You...

Last Monday I noticed the price of Ferrogel jumped from it recent 46K / unit to 52K / unit and decided to wait and see if the price came back down or it prices of Invulnerability Field IIs would increase to match. Well, as the week went by the price of Ferrogel did not go down, in fact it increased sharply to 59K and higher.

This is a problem because the Ferrogel makes up about 66% of the price of an invulnerability field all by itself and every increase hurts profit margins a lot. Especially when the trend for the module continues in a downward direction:

However, there is good news for me. At the current prices there is still some decent profit to be made and Ferrogel seems to have begun its stabilization so everything should iron out soon.


  1. Buy up all those invulnerability fields, wait for the price to respond to the rise in Ferrogel prices, profit. :)

  2. I have considered it but I'm nervous that the price of the ferrogel will drop significantly before the module markets respond and I end up breaking even or losing my shirt in the process. I'm a very cautious investor. ;)

  3. Many moons are still being in the middle of the war and Feroggel does react on this. I wonder when we will see or if we already see kicking in alchemy and making Feroggel from lower quality moons.