Friday, April 03, 2009

Just Short

So I calculated from my 70 Invulnerability Field IIs I put up on market a retail of about 200 million give our take a few. Combined with my current wallet balance of 640 million it meant I was well short of the 900 million or so I needed to buy the Nightmare, much less outfit it. I had hoped for a bit of a boost from this week's Eve Tribune April Fool issue where I wrote a guide for putting together a mission running Scorpion, but alas the editor was inundated with high quality joke articles and my piece was rejected. I can't be an award nominated writer all the time people! ;)

So with the stark reality facing me I invested in more datacores to turn some of the 120 Invul Field BPCs I had into tech II versions. I'm going to run 50 invention jobs and see how many successes I get. I thought about doing some ship invention but the turn around for building and selling ships is much longer than the mods take, and I'm in a hurry. I want my Nightmare!

Note: I would have had enough cash had I not invested in the four faction lasers for the ship, but since I needed to get them anyways it all comes out in the wash.

In other news, I finished consolidating all ships back at base since the war ended. I hope to get online tonight, maybe use Derranna to search for some exploration content to clear.

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  1. Hey trying times bro, trying times.

    If you need a lone at anyrate, just send me a mail and I'll be happy to send some your way temporary.