Wednesday, April 29, 2009


On the weekend we had the twins 1 year birthday party and subsequent cleanup. Since then they have been going through head colds so have been miserable and hard to put to bed, hence my lack of activity.

This morning before heading to work I did manage to get two more invention tries for Covert Ops cloaks in the lab, and I plan to pick up a whack of datacores for invulnerability field invention soon. But until I can log in and do more stuff, I'm left with thinking about Eve, specifically what to do in my free time between wars.

I have ideas. I have LOTS of ideas. Problem is they all require fairly regular play time and my life just is not giving that to me right now. Exploration (both regular and wormhole space), missions, pvp roams, hell even mining; they all require at least an hour at a time to make progress. Its very frustrating.

So I'm amassing a fortune from my industry activities and writing for the Tribune and no time to go out and lose ships. I need to stimulate the local economy dammit!


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