Tuesday, April 07, 2009


In follow-up to the last post, my plans for a solo expedition with the Orca into wormhole space have been scuttled. I'd much rather join my corp and work with them in occupying a system now that they have come fully around to my point of view that w-space is awesome substitute for 0.0 space.

Just one problem: all my wormhole stuff was in the Orca 7 jumps away from my base and Derranna was embroiled in a war. Allow my to explain.

My alts are in a corp called Insisto Armamentarium (INSAR) which I use to run my invention and manufacturing. It was war decc'd by a corp called Kirith Kodachi's Fan Club (KKFC) which I've discussed in the past and no need to review here. To avoid having my expensive industrial ships killed in the war, I've had Derranna sitting in an NPC corp for a while.

But the war ran out. So after a couple weeks I moved Derranna back in so she could anchor a tower in w-space. I moved the Orca to a quiet high sec system where I planned to look for my wormhole entrance. But then the KKFC restarted the war (probably as soon as they realized Derranna was back in the corp). So now I want to bring my Orca back to base but not lose it to war targets.

KKFC used to be populated by just the one alt, but when I checked its attributes lately I saw two members as the count. The alt CEO is probably next to useless in combat, but the second unknown member could be very deadly indeed and the Orca, while big and well defended, is still very vulnerable.

So I had two options:
1) Drop Derranna into an NPC corp again, or
2) Fly Reckless.

I picked option two. I reasoned as such: if I fly in the early morning before downtime and scout with Kirith, I should be able to safely make the 7 jumps without issue. I suspected my opponents were Western North American time zones so 6 am my time would be 4am their time, probably safe. Last night I got Derranna and Kirith in position and this morning I ran the gauntlet, checking every red in local for the unknown KKFC pilot. But there was no sign of him and I docked safely.

Next up, getting into w-space with my corp.


  1. How come you didn't just add the wardeccing pilot(s) to your buddy list, to see if they were on?

  2. I didn't know (and still don't) who the second pilot was in that corp.