Thursday, April 02, 2009

Defeating the Grind

Darren over at Common Sense Gamer had this to say about his current time in Eve:
I’m now very close to the 100 million ISK goal that I have in my head, which should get me closer to that Raven that I want to make level 3 missions that much easier. Sure, the Drake handles them fine, but it would be nice to have that big, fat, Raven. I’m going to try to start actually producing stuff in order to get a constant stream of revenue in. Missions are fine, but it would be really nice to make money while I’m not in game.
Man, that takes me back to early '07 when I was in a similar position, grinding out every last cent of ISK in order to afford my new Rokh battleship and the 8 best named 425mm rail guns that were 16 million ISK each at the time. Then I lost it in a mission due to crappy skills. I bought a Raven for 0.0 ratting and lost it in a gate camp on the way out. At that point I was down to enough ISK to barely afford a Ferox battlecruiser and this was before I had my industry properly setup to rake in the cash, and I wasn't working at the Tribune yet either.

Nothing worse than the grind for ISK for the next ship when all you have is level 3 missions. I feel for you Darren.

So, overcome with a wave of generousity, I figured I wanted to do something nice for the guy. Give him a pail of ISK? Too impersonal. Give him a Raven? Good idea but I don't have one on hand... except I do: my Navy Raven Memento Mori.

The Memento Mori has seen no action in weeks. I just don't run missions very often and when I do plan to in the future, I hope to have the Nightmare online. So the Navy Raven is surplus.

So I gave it to Darren, mods and all. I told him to use it with extreme prejudice, killing all rats left, right, and centre. He'll be the envy of the group I'm sure.


  1. Anonymous8:29 am

    LoL ( said only in jest) Where my economic stimulus sa'ah? Where my CNR @? Please sir do you have any more porridge?

  2. "Missions are fine, but it would be really nice to make money while I’m not in game."

    EvE Offline! Now with less gameplay required!


  3. Oh! I found a perfect game for Darren!

    Should fit him like a glove.

  4. Good on Darren! Getting ready for that Nightmare I see...

    Nice man here btw if you didn't know (to the readers of the blog I'm talking about KK).

  5. dang, I should start a blog about my eternal failings to make any ISK too ;-)
    Being stuck on lvl 3's is definately annoying, lvl 4's is where you start getting an acceptable isk/h, though mindnumbingly boring at times.

    Too bad they only introduced smarter npc's in WH space, I would've like a more tactically challenging experience in missions.