Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Black Hole Drive By

Jita is a black hole even still with its upgraded node and improved code base. Sure, 825 people in local and no noticeable lag is a grand achievement compared to back in '06 when I started and it was virtually unplayable at 200 people, but the increase in population has only increased the noise to signal ratio in local chat.

ISK sellers are bad enough, but the new spate of moronic scams listing items for 199,999,999 ISK and advertising them as "almost 200K ISK" is so tiresome. Every second one or two people advertise these contracts that catch people with the too-many-numbers-to-count trick, something that almost got me when they first started in Amarr.

I know Eve is a dog-eat-dog world of competition where scams are allowed, but this stupid one should be stamped out with a quick fix to contracts: round the amount in the main contract body with the details showing the exact amount. So if you enter 199,999,999 the contract displays prominently ~200 million.

Anyways, this rant was prompted by my visit to Jita to pick up the Nightmare BPC and transport it quickly back to base for construction. I bought the minerals for it and just need to pick them up.

In other industry news, the last 40 Invulnerability Field IIs sold on the weekend and I just put up the 20 Covert Ops Cloaks for sale. Once I get the Nightmare construction under way I plan to do some more inventing of cloaks, invul fields, and maybe some ships.


  1. I totally agree. And it`s not just Jita but all the trade hubs like Rens, Oursulaert, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek...

    Gratz on the Nightmare BTW :))

  2. that or just allways show the decimals on ISK, 199,999,999.00 ISK instead of 199,999,999 ISK. Or 199.99 million ISK

  3. What gets me the most is that these scams are macro driven which im lead to believe is against the eula. Why cant ccp ban them when the same message is apammed to local for 23 hours straight.