Monday, April 27, 2009

Beaten To The Punch

Friday night I logged in full of piss and vinegar ready to fight in our current war. But alas, the war ended prematurely to our alliance's satisfaction and all the fighting was done. Crap!

Thwarted, I looked to see what I could do. I was tempted to do some exploration but a friend and corpmate was online running missions three jumps away and allowed me to join him. Remember the motto: Do Things With People.

I outfitted the wormhole exploration Dominix Hudson with a slightly changed fit for missions (no tackle, MWD for AB, etc) and head to join him. As I was arriving he said mysteriously "You're gonna be jealous..."

"Jealous?" I thought, "jealous of what?" As the warp bubble collapsed I was presented with some NPCs, wrecks, and my buddy in his brand new Nightmare battleship.

GAH! That was my idea!

Impressed by the performance of his Phantasm (and possibly tales of the Nightmare from my blog) he decided to lay out the ISK to get his own. Curses, beaten to the punch! Truthfully my only regret is that I didn't have my Nightmare ready too for a double dose of Faction Battleship goodness.

I got some revenge however as the five Ogre IIs made him envious and we proceeded to run a few missions. The Dominx proved acceptable if not stellar, and one time I got major aggro from a few tough battleships and ran through 20 cap booster charges to keep the Large Armour Repper going the whole time before we cut down the incoming DPS. Minor note: gawd, Ogres are slow!

I earned over ten million ISK in bounties and mission rewards and my buddy got through a few missions faster. Not the most productive night ever but it was good to unwind and see how the Dominix handled under some duress.

By next weekend I'll have the Nightmare up and ready to go.

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  1. LOL! Loose lips, well I don't know how the saying goes but you know what I mean.