Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Patch Day Skill Training Update

Apocrypha patch day is here. Before I left home for work I started the 1.4 GB download so that hopefully when I get home I can log in and set up my skill queues. I'm so looking forward to being able to take care of those short skills in one go.

Kirith is training Caldari Drone Specialization IV and Derranna is on Repair Drone Operation IV for the patch day. Speaking of skills, let's review the current state of the plans, shall we?

Kirith has been working hard on his Winter Plan that got Gallente Battleships inserted into it last month. Now that I'm skilled up nicely for Dominixes, Megathrons, and Hyperions I'm back on track with the miscellaneous skills for things like Remote Sensor Dampeners, tech II Heavy Drones for Caldari and Minmatar, better overheating repair, and better booster usage. Oh, and Target Painting. All in all, another 28 days to go and none of the skills are more than 4 days long, the longest being Biology V at 3 days and 21 hours.

After that I might spend 21 days on Amarr ship skills and Energy Turret skills in preparation for a Nightmare battleship. Later on this summer I'm committed to training for a Phoenix dreadnought for the corporation's benefit. but maybe Command Ships first. We'll see.

On the industrial side of things, Derranna has made huge strides in improving her ship piloting abilities. Her afterburner and micro warp drive skills are all at IV so she can use tech II versions of the modules, and she can now field five tech I scout drones or 5 tech I small/medium/heavy armour maintenance bots. Create for the 75 m3 drone bay on the Orca. She's got 11 days of shield training next, followed by 16 days of energy and hull training, and then 5 days of Capital Ship Construction II & III and Salvaging II to IV and Transport Ships III. After than... who knows? Maybe time to look at Logistic ships.

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