Friday, March 13, 2009


I logged in last night to run some errands with Derranna and just as I approached the first gate, Eve crashed. Not just my client. The whole damn thing.


Eventually it came back and until it did I practised more in Dawn of War II for some online play against some foul WoW player this weekend. Really wishing I had my graphics card update right now.

My wife is gone with the kids for the weekend so I have plans. DO I EVER!! Tonight we got some Dawn of War II and the re-recording of the SUWT podcast, and maybe a little Eve if the opportunity presents itself. Tomorrow Andrew and I will have our rematch game of Twilight Imperium to see if I can stop him from getting on a winning streak followed by some more Eve (and maybe more DoWII if Andrew has time). Finally Sunday I might sneak some more Eve in if I find time between some chores.

Fun overload!


  1. I hope someone blows you up in EVE so that you can having a weekend of getting killed =)

  2. Anonymous9:37 am

    How have you been finding Dawn of War 2? I logged a support call with the Steam hosting service as I have had extreme lag issues and graphics rendering problems, which definitely isn't my machine as it's fully specced built by me. such a disappointment as I loved the others
    Have CCP explained the EVE outage last night?

  3. Re: DoW II : still fiddling with the graphic settings to see how it performs, but so far it is sluggish on my PC and a little less so on the power laptop.

    Re: Crash: apparently the server hosting site had power fluctuations that caused a DB failover.

  4. Nice dude. Enjoy your bachelor weekend. ;)

  5. DoW II rocks. Agreed about the need for a gfx card upgrade.