Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time Frustrations

I begged, borrowed, and stole some time on Sunday afternoon to log into Eve for a corporate op, specifically a battlecruiser-only roam looking for fights. INCA called off the war with us late last week (temporarily or permanently we don't know for sure) and their friends Mugen Industry are a different timezone so not active in North American afternoons.

The operation was scheduled to rally at 2000 hrs and head out at 2030. I managed two free hours so logged on at 2000 looking for action.

Of course, I was too optimistic; large operations almost never leave on time.

Some people were late.

Others were not ready and had to setup their ships.

Others got into discussions about to fit on their ship; sensor booster or more tank? DPS drones or ECM drones.

I grit my teeth and held my tongue as I knew this was pretty standard across all of Eve. The discipline to have pilots and ships ready ahead of time is rare for casual roams.

Everytime I thought we were ready, someone else had to "pick up one more item" or was "just a few more jumps out". To make matters worse, living in our low sec pocket meant we had to travel to find space to roam which in turn led to twenty jumps through high sec to Gallente space.

The end result was that after two hours we were ready to enter low sec and find something to shoot. And I had to log. Sigh.

At least I got out and showed I was there. Unfortunately for them, they didn't get any kills and ultimately they ran into a nasty gate camp which had superior firepower that annhilated most of the gang.


  1. You could look at it another way, their sloppyness saved you a ship :)

  2. True, but I've got ships to burn at the moment from not enough pew pew :(
    Quick recap:
    - 2 Force Recons
    - 4 Battleships (and a fifth for mission running)
    - 3 Battlecruisers
    - Heavy Interdictor
    - 2 HACs
    - 2 Assault frigs
    - Stealth bomber
    - Covert Ops
    - Carrier
    - and a Vexor ready for Lulz

    All fitted and ready to go at the drop of a hat. Losing one battlecruiser just to see the fires of battle would have been a welcome exchange :)

  3. Whatta bout your pod ;)

    Anyways, bad things don't happen to good people.

  4. I insist on leaving for roams I'm FC'ing w/in five minutes of scheduled time--even if it means I set off alone. If people aren't ready they can just catch the hell up. I have no patience with that kind of crap. Especially for a roam that is announced in advance WITH details on what to bring.

  5. Kirith, if you wanted you and I could go out sometime. Depending on what those Force Recons are I'd be able to take something cloaky too and we could go roaming in 0.0. Used to do it tons of times back in the day with Taffun and Kin. Let me know.