Thursday, February 12, 2009

Starting Over?

My old CEO and friend left Eve a few months back. Despite having a forty million skill point character and lots of big powerful ships, he just was burnt out.

Flash forward to this week. He shows up asking us, his old corpmates, should he sell his main character and start over? You see, Apocrypha is tempting him back and he feels the need for a fresh start; he misses being a newb.


You forget how long it takes to get the support skills for a decent cruiser? You want to be faced with the year long training to get back in a Thanatos? You want to have to learn the learning skills over again?

You won't recapture any magic that you can't capture by strapping your current 40 million skill point character in a Rifter and go barrelling through Evati. The adventures open to the low skill point character are still open to your experienced character, but your new character will be months before they can even sniff a level four mission, much less Sleepers in the wormholes and Tech III Strategic Cruisers.

Sell all your stuff and pretend to be a newb. Hell, even start training a new character in place of your current one. But don't jump in with both feet until you are sure you are ready to abandon all the content you have access to.


  1. Anonymous7:52 pm

    I disagree completely with you. And I speak from decent experience. While I didn't have 40mil SPs...I did have 31mil...and I sold all my characters (I have 5 accounts) and completely started over. I know exactly where your CEO is coming from, and I heard the same thing from a few people similar to what you just said. But in the end, I am really enjoying myself now...having a lot of fun being a noob again (though...a decently wealthy

    Sometimes...starting totally fresh is the only way to get the urge least, it was for me.

  2. Anonymous9:18 pm

    The option is there to have the best of both worlds without burning the proverbial bridge.

    Regrets do suck.

  3. Anonymous9:19 pm

    All the best with what ever your mate decides upon.

  4. I can't imagine starting over. Maybe it's the history of the toons he wants to get away from.

  5. I agree with you completely. I cannot stand training all the basic skills again.

    But then, I am only a 12 SP character...

    Same thing with alts, I don't get why people train them up for some completely different role while they can spend the same time doing it to their main. You do some of that, care to explain?

    (Besides the point if having sec problems or region problems. I fully understand why one creates one to do a task, trade alts echm, but other than those reasons.)

  6. Well amongst my friends we call it teh Mushiashi Mistake...:) He wont be seeling his Char. He is joining us in M3 Mwhahahah and I have recruited X-reed as well....

  7. If I were to have trained Kirith to:
    - manufacture
    - manufacture remotely
    - mine
    - refine
    - research
    - research remotely
    - invent
    - build tech II
    - build tech II battleships
    - perfect probing
    - fly transport ships
    - fly jump freighter
    - fly Orca
    - command POS guns
    - be a mining foreman

    Then he would not be able to
    - fly battleships
    - fly Tech II frigates
    - fly tech II cruisers
    - use tech II shields
    - use tech II armour
    - use tech II rails
    - use tech II blasters
    - crosstrain to Gallente
    - fly Carrier (with fighters, capital mods, remote reps, etc)
    - fly Black Ops
    - use overheating
    - use boosters
    - etc

    My point? There is virtually no overlap between the two characters even with one at 40 million and the other at 32 million. So yes, Kirith could have trained all those industrial skills, but then he would be Derranna and not Kirith ;)

  8. If you want to feel like a new player, start a new toon on another slot on your main account. You still get all that 'new player' feel, but still have a powerful toon in your back pocket when you need him.

  9. Wait, do you have two accounts?

    If not, you could have spent the same amount of time/less time and Kirith would be a character with 70 million!

    If you had two accounts going then I see that you save time, but for me, I only have one account so I find alts not as great.

    If I was to have trained an alt, I would rather train the skills on my main, understand?

    Sorry if I babbled or sound confused LOL. Thanks!

  10. Ha ha. Yeah, I decided to stay with my old, 40mil pvp character. Though she's broke, sitting on a ton of resources and has enemies all over the galaxy, after I thought about training all those support skills back up again the thought just made me reel... If I did go back to bein a nubbin I'd do it with a new account on the side rather than sell her off.