Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skills Update

I was pleasantly surprised to see Kirith has only 3.5 days left on Heavy Drone Operation V this morning when I logged in. It's nice when you set a long skill and then get distracted by other things only to find its almost done when you check again. Once I get that skill done its a few days for Gallente Drone Specialization and Gallente Battleship III and IV and then my exploring Dominx with Ogre IIs will be ready to take on the Sleepers. I also plan to get Caldari and Minmatar Drone Specialization IV for the trifecta of tech II heavy drones. Amarr Drone Specialization is not a priority.

Meanwhile, Derranna has been working on Siege Warfare V while periodically jumping into some new navigation skills like Acceleration Control, High Speed Maneuvuring, and Fuel Conservation. Micro Warp Drives and better afterburners are useful on combat and industrial ships alike so it's high past time I time I trained them. Once complete those skills to level IV I can train Evasive Maneuvuring V so I can fly Minmatar Interceptors. No need for them, just like the idea of having the option.

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  1. Anonymous1:58 pm

    Heavy Drones V is great. Your enemies DO NOT want a dominix with 5 tech II heavies dropped on them.