Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reports from Wormhole Space

When the dev blog on the Sleepers came out I speculated that the new NPCs might not be as tough as advertised because the devs may have been talking to the <10 href="">Welcome from Wormhole Space

Sleeper Cruisers and Frigs Own Dominix and Abaddon

3 Sleeper Battleships Beat Mission Drake Tank

Dueling with a Carrier

Observed Behaviours

At one point someone complained that there appears to be no soloable Sleeper spawns but a dev did respond that there will be some. A lot of the encounters described above and elsewhere are against GM spawned NPCs for testing and demonstration. No telling what real average w-space spawns will be like.

I admin some discouragement in the initial reports. My playing schedule means that organizing fleets to go after hard Sleeper spawns is unlikely so solo efforts is all I will manage most of the time. If I can't manage to do anything alone in w-space, I'll be very very pissed.

Another thing to think about is currently drone boats are useless against the Sleepers; they are turning on the drones and killing them pretty damn fast apparently. I guess the exploration Dominix might not be such a hot idea after all. Maurader with half ammo usage and big cargo space is looking very nice at the moment.

Ah well, time will tell.

Found that dev post about soloable content. To quote CCP Ytterbium:

"Originally by: Reven Cordelle
Was kinda hoping some W-Space encounters would be a solo affair, (for no where near as much potential isk obviously) but.. you know, as something other than L4s. "

But some are. Not all of them of course, and even the solo encounters will give you challenge, which is the point. As some players already stated it before, don't expect to face a level4 mission when going into wormhole space because Sleeper capabilities are far different from pirate factions in known space.
So I have hope.


  1. I believe I voiced concern about this before.

    I'm hoping things get balanced out quick before things go FUBAR.

  2. I agree with Psyche here.

    Glad I decided to go with HACs and Recons as my main means of exploring.

  3. "I will be very very pissed."

    Agreeing to the fullest extent in the exact same context.

  4. This certainly is a bit disconcerning.

    Do you think t3 ships would handle the Sleepers better?

  5. T3 ships are still vapour-ware in my opinion. ;) What I mean by that is that the final stats are not set in stone, we haven't seen all the subsystems, and its all due to change even after release (see: Drake, Myrmidon).

    All that being said, nothing to say the Sleepers are immune to the nerf bat either. ;)

  6. I'm just upset that they're letting people test worm-hole space and sleepers before it goes live. It takes away from the exploration aspect, which was one of the central points of the expansion. This stuff won't be a mystery to people who have tested it before launch, and that's a pity if you ask me...