Monday, February 23, 2009

In Other News...

The few minutes here and there I can log in to change skills and such I've been using to continue to prepare for Apocrypha.

Kirith finally completed the Heavy Drone Operation V skill along with Gallente Battleship III on the weekend. Now he is working on Gallente Drone Specialization IV to allow use of those powerful Ogre IIs, then another level of Gallente Battleship to bring the Dominix up to optimal levels.

Derranna completed some more navigation skills and is finishing up Seige Warfare V so she can train Seige Warfare Specialist should I decide to take the Orca into w-space. The 90 Invulnerability Field IIs completed production and went on market with a nice healthy profit margin of about 50 million ISK once they all sell. This should put my wallet over 600 million again and I don't have any major purchases planned at the moment. Saving up for something special perhaps.

And I'm still waiting for the next Sisi test patch. Come on CCP, fixing test probing, I wants to find me a wormhole and go see some Sleepers... :)

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