Friday, February 06, 2009

Hot Times In Sukanan

Our home in Sukanan constellation has heated up considerably.

First our war with Incarnation of Evil progressed with both sides getting kills where they are constantly coming into our space and fighting on our doorstep. Then to complicate matters a corporation that was set friendly to us and in the constellation intel channel suddenly turned and started helping our war targets in a skirmish causing one of our guys to lose a battleship. (They are the Nightwatch corporation and have been subsequently set red.)

Now this week a pirate corp called Mugen Industry has moved into the constellation and is prowling for kills. In other words, it feels like we're living in a true war zone at the moment.

I'm hoping to get online tonight and help out in clearing some of these guys out, or at least fighting to show we are not going to back down. My early morning log ins have done nothing to help as there is not a lot of us online at those times and Mugen Industry is very prevalent. Its apparently a Japanese corp so its their prime time right around downtime, making it dangerous for us early morning stragglers.


  1. Best of luck to you.

    Mugen Industry. I wish I had thought of that name. It's gold.

  2. Ill be on tonight after my UNI homework