Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night things quieted down enough for me to log into Eve for an actual sit down session (as opposed to a fly by to change a skill / update order / deliver lab or manufacturing job).

As was typical for a Monday evening there was no signs of war targets around so a few of us set up a fleet and camped the Sukanan entrance in case any bad guys came wandering through. I originally brought out my Kitsune Electronic Attack Ship for some jamming support but as an old friend pointed out, agress anything but a war target or true pirate and the sentry guns would ruin me.

Good point, Xreed.

So I flew back and picked up something with a bit more ommmph: Brooklyn , my Dominix brawling battleship. Despite not having Tech II Orges yet it still dishes out some pain from the Orge Is and the 6 Tech II Heavy Blasters while having a solid tank. It was the first time Brooklyn and I did anything so it was nice to let the crew shake off the new ship jitters and cycle the systems.

Unfortunately nothing of interest came through except a Crusader interceptor and we had no luck catching that speedy frigate before it was off.

After about forty minutes the call went out for assistance clearing a 5/10 Rogue Drone complex that an alliance mate scanned down. Right up my alley: Do Things With People. So the gate camp dissipated and I went back for something more appropriate for NPCing. To my surprise, I was fresh out!

You see, I have 5 battleships each with a different purpose. Brooklyn, my Dominix for solo or small gang PvP; Hudson, the wormhole exploration Dominix; Vera Causa, the blaster Rokh for when you just need lots of DPS; Insisto Oblivium II, the rail Rokh for fleet operations and sniping; and Memento Mori, the Navy Raven for running missions.

Normally this type of operation would call for the latter but it was up in high sec at my mission system and I didn't want to run it back during war and through low sec just for half an hour of complex clearing. Of the other four battleships, in a group anything but the rail Rokh would suffice (and even the rail Rokh would do if it was equipped with tank instead of Tracking Computers and Sensor Boosters for range) but none of them were optimal as all three were set up for blaster range and while the Dominixs had the drones as well I wasn't sure Tech I heavy drones would cut it.

Since we were running in a gang and the other three pilots had a Navy Apocalypse battleship, Dominix, and Basilisk Logisitics cruiser, I decided to downgrade to my mission running Drake, Elusive, and target the smaller frigates and cruisers which my long range heavy missiles and light drones could chew through quickly.

We warped in formation to the complex and made quick work of it. I needed have worried about the suitability of the Dominix as we had more than enough tank and firepower to reduce the rogue drones inside to dust. So I made a little scratch and made a note to myself to use the next Eve Tribune paycheque to look into setting up another battleship for NPCing in low sec.

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  1. Oh boy you and your setups. Well I will bet you will be glad to play with the fit storage tool in APH then!

    No more need to always be building ships for one purpose :D