Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couple Quickies

Quickie the First:

I tried to get online on Sisi (a.k.a. Singularity, our test server) but it was down and didn't come back until later today. Since I was chilling on the couch with the wife watching some TV, I didn't log into Eve as I couldn't use voice comms so wouldn't be much use in a war situation.

Quickie the Second:

I had an evemail today from a war target in Incarnation of Evil corporation that informed me he was searching for information on our corp and found my blog, and he liked it. I won't mention names in case he prefers to remain anonymous, but here's a shout out to him. Kudos to INCA for bringing the fight to us consistently and not letting us have any breathing room; these are the kind of wars that make or break alliances.

Quickie the Third:

Sold the last forty invulnerability fields and got paid for the Tribune article. Wallet is back over 500 million. Now I'm going to work on the 10 Covert Ops Cloaks... could a Widow be in my near future?

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