Thursday, February 05, 2009

BoB Alliance Is Closed

No matter how it turns out... this will be bad for the game.

1) it was a legitimate spy sabotage within proper metagaming mechanics and CCP will not step in; or
2) it was a bug/hack and CCP steps in to reverse it.

If its (1) then it highlights CCPs shitty design (vote to declare war versus a single director in the executor corp presses a button to kill the alliance?) and the corporation and game loses a lot of credibility with a major faction of influential longtime players.

If its (2) then there will be howls of rage from BoB-haters for months that CCP favours that alliance and the company and game are corrupt.

Regardless, a perfectly balanced situation (i.e. BoB versus Goons in POS wars) has been severely upset and CCP can't come out looking good either way.


  1. I have a feeling it's 1. I also think inter-BoB fighting had a major part in it.

    I don't like metagaming or Goons at all, but unless it was a bug, CCP should not get involved.

    If the greater community wants the Goons gone, IMHO we need to ban together and take them out.

  2. How come you get a timer to biomass people... maybe a timer should be added to recycle alliances and corps?

  3. IMHO, Alliance mechanics were added as a simplification of 0.0 politics early on, and then sovereignty and outpost mechanics added on to it later on without a proper recode of the original mechanic. Thus today's current... HOLY SHIT!:

    That's some sov loss! LOL!

  4. I agree that disbanding an alliance should take a vote, just as locking down a single blueprint does, ffs. That said, it's not like the mechanic wasn't known...but I don't know if alliances really have any kind of workaround to their security that might help prevent this kind of thing.

  5. Best thing I can think of is Executor corp having ONE member in it. Or one CEO/Director.

  6. Anonymous9:58 am

    I agree with you on most of your points save how CCP will look.

    If CCP intervenes and reverses this event, many people will call out CCP for violating it's own rules.

    If CCP takes no action, they just simply let things alone, they will not look bad at all. EVE Online is a player driven politcal landscape and to interfere would elliminate one of the basic principles of the game.

    BOB leadership screwed up and allowed an inactive directors account to remain in a position to hurt them.

    You remove roles on inactive accounts, plain and simple. They dropped the ball here and Goons picked it up.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not doing a Snoopy Dance that BOB is gone, they were the evil that we knew. The vacuum that has been left behind will fill quickly and there will be much activity in the former BOB space.

    Something else to note, BOB member corporations still exist. It's only a matter of time before the organize and try to reduce the damages from this blow.

    BOB as we know it is forever changed, but they are not out of this fight yet.

    Wait and see, it's going to be entertaining....

  7. Hmmmm - interesting to see that you side sort of with me on this. I'd thought from our morning discussion that I was not on the same wavelength as you.

  8. I agree that it shoudn't be as easy as it was to disband the alliance. Having to vote for it is a decent solution.

    I also think this is very much what EVE is all about. If you can have corporate and alliance sabotage, why not in a big alliance like BoB?

    Many people have stated that 'no place in EVE is safe' and that's what they like about the game. There is no absolute security, just more security in some areas.

  9. To Andrew's comment:

    I like that in Eve you have the right to screw with someone's alliance through subterfuge.

    I don't like that in comparision to other director level mechanics, such as locking blueprints and declaring war, that one was able to do so with such ease once the director decided he was no longer happy.

  10. Anonymous12:26 am

    I think I couldn't disagree more with your opening line that this even will be bad for the game. In fact, I don't think it will have any effect on the game, whatsoever, on the meta level(Eve itself). Obviously there will be a bit of chaos in the south, but that'll sort itself out like all 0.0 events do.

    As far as the ease with which this can occur: I think one can make the(reasonable) argument, that the only directors that should be in the executor corp are the people without whose support the alliance simply does not exist. Votes do not come into it.

    If Reikoku, f.ex., unilaterally decided they were sick of it all and decided to go carebear in empire(as if) then it doesn't matter if the alliance formally exists or not, it is quite dead.

    People often think of alliances as being this vast, monolithic, unstoppable forces, and then seem surprised when "fail cascades" happen, and an alliance that seemed to indomitably hold its position only hours ago has evaporated into a bunch of unallied corps scrabbling to save/steal assets.

    The frequency with which such events happen should be able to teach even the most hard-core empire carebear that the 0.0 Alliances are as fragile as a house of cards.

    BoB fucked up. They're not exactly innocent in terms of metagaming, so if Goons did use outside means, well, they simply lost this battle. If, as I think is most likely, this is an in-game job(i.e., no hacking, etc.). Then I would suggest that Molle do a better job making sure that the whiny bitches of his alliance aren't in such a position as to be able to do this.

    Fly Safe ^_^

    Random post-thought: Who wants to spend a billion isk setting up dummy corps to steal the BoB name? lol.