Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wormholes Rats Announced

New dev blog on NPC changes contained this goody:
That is why for Apocrypha, we are unleashing an ancient race into the universe: the infamous Sleepers, lurking throughout the vast unknowns stretching at the other side of the Wormhole maws. Do not underestimate them, as they will remain radically different from the regular pirate factions you are used to. More often than not, they will give you some substiantial bang for your buck and will require player gang coordination and effort to be dispatched. More details are left for another Dev Blog, but at the moment, know they have comparable player attributes and thus require variations of PvP fits to engage.
Who are the Sleepers? Well, they are one of the ancient races that existed prior to the current empires. And from the skill book "Sleep Technology" we get "[t]he Sleepers were masters of virtual reality, neural interfacing and cryotechnology".

Sounds very promising and brings up a point: am I going to need a Code Breaker and Analyzer on the wormhole expeditions? Derranna can use both but I had not considered it before now.


  1. Wait, does this mean that the sleepers are aliens?

  2. No, they are humans. Empires that existed before the collapse of civilization and the rebirth in the form of the current factions

  3. Ah! Okay then. My inner historians like this idea. I think this will be very fun.

  4. Anonymous1:12 pm

    Interesting. I wonder if this will include some of the NPC AI they have been talking about.

  5. Just browsing through blogs while at work and read this as well as a few of your previous ones, to include the one about what ships to bring. It raises a question in my head that I'm not sure has been brought up in the forums because I'm too lazy to dig through the random banter on there. If the Sleepers, another empire, exists in w-space, will there be stations to dock in? hmm...

  6. @nick yes it will this is the introduction of the new rat AI. We'll probably have to start calling them hampsters instead of rats (inside EVE joke)

  7. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Given how advanced they are, I wonder if they'll be dealing all damage types. I also wonder if they'll have high resists against all damage types the four playable races are able to inflict.

    So many questions, really. Must... have... more dev blogs...

  8. Regarding stations: No, devs explicitly said no stations or outposts.

    I suspect the fluff will either be:
    - the rats are automatons defending space; or
    - sleeper rats are striking from hostile hidden bases.