Thursday, January 15, 2009

To Write or To Not Write... Fiction

With the recent development of the Eve Fiction Pack by YoMma , and the last Blog banter which I took literally to "write a story" of fiction, I've been considered whether or not I want to dive back into writing fiction again.

I'm no stranger to fan fiction. Back in my Warhammer days I wrote entire novellas about my Renegade Space Marine company (last count, 254 pages) and that does not include the writing I did for my Eldar. I started out writing in character battle reports, graduated to making up backgrounds for the campaigns and grudges against other players, and blossomed into full blown story telling after a while as my imagination ran wild in the playground of Games-Workshop's universe.

With the birth of the twins, my free time for writing in the evenings died off (as did my time for Warhammer at all) and I never got into writing fiction in the Eve universe. I'm a perfectionist, and I'd hate for something I wrote to conflict with canon written elsewhere... and the background was so diverse and varied that I feared errors would infest my stories to my distraction.

But the Fighting Spacecraft articles were building up inside me. My love for the ships and their histories from conceptulization to retirement overpowered my reluctance and I put pen to paper for that first Caracal article. Without scathing reviews of it I was emboldened to write more and now 9 articles have been created with the next being formulated in my brain. I have overcome the fear of being "wrong" and accepted that there is a market for a good yarn about the ships.

But should I induldge in writing non-technofluff articles again? Kirith has an entire history in my head, dare I start pouring it out to page? The father, the brother, the outlaws, the doublecross, the disowning, the military, the ex slave, the corruption... its all there in my head. Is it ready to come out?

Ah what the hell, why not?

Call this post the "Foreword" ;)


  1. /waits with breathless anticipation to see what Kirith comes out with next :D

  2. Whoop doo doodle!
    I'm sure a lot of us fans are going crazy right now!
    Whoop doo doodle!

  3. The taint of perfectionism is a boon and curse to all writers. I'm glad you've learned how to wield it wisely. I had to learn how to count any "failed" work as a learning experience. LSoP counts as one.

    I'm really happy you'll be writing fiction and can't wait to read it. I'll offer as much constructive criticism as I can. Maybe Kirith and Gigaer will meet among the spacelanes...

  4. Excellent! I know it'll be good.

  5. Looking forward to any story you attempt.