Monday, January 12, 2009


As the alliance continues to formulate plans I've found myself in a strange position: nothing to do.

All my assets are in the right place, no jump clones in far off systems, no dire ISK need to buy stuff for the Ninveah, no ships to purchase... I'm ready for whatever the leadership asks of me.

So with time on my hands (if the pathetic free time I have counts as time) I logged in Friday evening and looked for any gangs or such. But the corp mates were off on the test server preparing for a training op so I decided to work on my standings with a Gallente corporation in the low sec pocket called Chemal Tech. I can access the level 3 agent there pretty easily as I have good Gallente faction standings from my days in the Minmatar militia, but I need 7.0 standing with Gallente Faction or Chemal Tech Corporate in order to access the level four agent there.

I thought about trying to raise my faction standing at first since it was already at 6.6 but its hard since the best way to do that is through storyline missions or visiting the datacentre with millions of ISK worth of tags. I decided to do it the old fashioned way by grinding level 3 missions and building up the Chemal Tech standings. As a bonus, I'll get the storylines anyways and we'll see what reaches 7.0 first.

Running level threes is dead easy for me in my mission Drake. It can take a world of abuse and deal with any threats with its tech II heavy missile launchers and tech II light drones. More worrisome is keeping one eye on the intel channels for potential mission crashers looking to gank me. No close calls yet, but this morning before work a hostile that has been shadowing our area a lot recently came in for a look see and I docked up. I decided to grab the Falcon and see if I could locate the enemy in his Curse Combat Recon, but he was slippery and evaded my sights before I had to log and go to work.

Next time, red. Next time.

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  1. Drake for the win!

    I also got one of the last weekend for some COSMOS; wtfbbqpwnage machine!