Thursday, January 29, 2009

Black Widow

Last night I was faced with Bling Temptation again.

Last time I faced it I ended up with an Orca and Navy Raven and an empty wallet. So when Lady Bling and I throw down, I'm usually the one losing.

My wallet, after selling two Onyxes, was practically burgeoning at over 700 million ISK. The itch was there. The burning sensation of Lady Bling breathing down my neck. My new temptation? A sexy Caldari Widow Black Ops Battleship.

I logged on my buying alt Korannon, sighed at the healthy wallet size, and dove into the market. Battlecruisers... battleships... Black Ops! Expand... and no Caldari group. There are no Widows for sale in Domain. I wanted a Widow badly (sleek black hull and red stripes like makeup on a beautiful woman) but not badly enough to go looking for one.

However Lady Bling and the attendant Bling Lust would not be completely denied. To scratch the itch I bought two Dominix battleships and the Black Ops skill book. Expensive at 150 million total but still left my wallet over 600 million. The Widow can wait... for now.


  1. You'll find one eventually.

    I was twittering with a few players yesterday who said BOs are limited in use and not worth the price. What do you say to that?

  2. BO are limited in use. Combat wise they are not any better than their t1 counterparts. But in specialised gangs in 0.0 space or low sec they can have the element of surprise goign for them.

    Besides... this is all about the bling. ;)

  3. Anonymous1:03 pm

    Without being able to use a covert ops cloak, the element of surprise is lost by using the scanner. Unless you mean camping ....

  4. Your want to bling is making me wanting to bling as well. But my resistance is not futile.

    Good luck with your plans!

  5. Anon: I was refering to the ability to jump bridge recons and stealth bombers into a system more than the cloaking Black Ops itself.