Monday, December 22, 2008

Greed Is A Good Thing

Rebuilding the wallet from its current state of less than 100 million ISK is proceeding slowly but steadily. I built one of the 12 Onyx Heavy Interdictors today and will get it on the market tonight. That will find the next build, maybe two if I'm lucky.

I did 20 invention tries of Invulnerability fields and got 11 successes, so I might build and sell those first. Also on the docket is 4 tries at Covert Ops Cloaks. There is enough for me to build and sell for the rest of the month for sure, possibly into the new year. Expected profit on each Onyx is looking like over 18 million per ship, so about 225 million for all 12. If I get 20 Covert Ops Cloaks, that's another 200 million or so, and another 30 million for the Invul fields... so my wallet should be back over 600 million when this current building phase is complete.

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