Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cerberus Retrieval

Due to constant wars and lack of a lot of play time, my Cerberus stationed out in 0.0 space was not seeing any action. A sorry waste for a good ship. So as part of my asset consolidation effort, I took the ten minutes to clone jump out there and fly back through 0.0 and low sec space at full throttle, blind to what was beyond the next gate.

Risky: yes. But I was willing to lose it to a gate camp, and the pod too if it came down to it, simply to get it out of 0.0. Well this time the risk paid off and I flew it into Ordat without a scratch. I refit it for low sec flying and sent it to the hanger storage for a vacuuming and polishing.

My Cerberus is setup for 0.0 ratting with Heavy Assault Missiles which get a range of 34+ km with its bonuses, and a nice high resistances buffer tank. In Sukanan constellation it will be a good mobile DPS ship for gangs.

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