Saturday, November 01, 2008

What's In Your Hanger?

Spend enough time in Eve and don't throw stuff out and eventually you collect... stuff. Tourists, drugs, BPC of odd items, etc. So I thought I would take you through a tour of my Miscellaneous station container. Enjoy!

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I got a mining mission once and, I swear to god, I put eight mining lasers on my Rokh and tried to get the Green Arisite the agent asked for. And after a few minutes I said "screw this" and docked. Hence the small rock of useless ore.

The blueprints are for COSMOS items that require insane skills to build and are not that impressive anyways. The blueprints have a cool factor though. And the Medium Shadow control tower I picked up when visiting Syndicate a while back.

I don't even know where I got Zbikoki's Hacker card from. The Graduation certificates are not Kirith's they were another alt's possession that got consolidated here. Imperial Navy Gate Permit from missions, and I think the R.S. Officer's Passcard was from a COSMOS mission but I could be mistaken.

I love tags, so collected a few of them that I haven't turned in. And Drugs; can't get enough drugs in my hanger. I'm not a user, I just like being badass enough to have them around.

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More drugs. Kirith would be a hit at a rave. Some more tags, this time from the Amarr Navy. No wonder they hate me.

Some trade goods I picked up when I tried NPC piracy as well as some leftover objectives from missions. Yum, Quafe Ultra; its the Red Bull of New Eden. And everyone should have a stockpile of Small Arms on hand.

More mission ID Slices. Then we get into the "livestock"; my pride and joy, the 20 Elite Slaves and 84(!) Exotic Dancers. Don't get me wrong: I feel bad about having slaves but the only thing one can do with them is sell them via a contract or trash them. I think their chances of a good life are better with me than some Amarrian overlord browsing contracts or the station trash compactor.

A Janitorial staff is a necessity on Minmatar stations, and the Khanid Commander is really a hostage kept docile by my drug stockpile. The fact that there is 30 sheep and 30 marines is completely coincidental. "Militants", "Bodyguards", same difference. The prisioners are in the same boat as the slaves really.

The Ship's crew is my pool of spares for when regular crew have to go on leave. And the Slaver Hounds are NOT for keeping the Elite Slaves in line, that's what the bodyguards do. The hounds are for my retirement farm I plan to own someday on Gulfonodi III.

(more clicking, less screenspace!)

The tourists I've had for about a year now; I'd send them home but they won't tell me where that is! As you can tell from the picture, the VIP is very pissed off he is living in a can in my hanger. And in the second row, five freed slaves! W00t! It is possible, I just don't know how... and who would clean my room if I did free the Elite slaves?

Don't ask me why I have several samples of various pirate DNA. Don't ask me what form they take either...

The high-tech small arms cache I keep under lock and key and its ready to go to the militants if the tourists and the Elite Slaves get uppity. The Elite Drone AIs are for all those Elite drones I never plan to make.

The Frentix booster is from when I wrote the Boosters Eve Tribune article. I swear I'm not additicted.

Then we have some implants and mindlinks for future projects, nothing of great interest except the Zor Custom Nav Hyperlink which I may even insert into my skull one day.

Finally we have some skill books I'm scheduled to tra- ... what the hell? Jump Drive Calibration? I already had it? SHIT! That cost me 27.5 million ISK to buy last week! *fumes* I guess I'll be selling a skillbook this weekend.


  1. Anonymous8:31 am

    I'm actually quite anal when it comes to my hangars. Everything is neatly packaged in different containers and the stuff I have no use for gets trashed/sold/refined. I also tend not to buy things I don't use.

    I've spent a lot more time cleaning up my stuff in EVE this month than I have cleaning my house.

    I'm not a pig. I'm married.

  2. Jeez you have a lot is random stuff...