Friday, November 07, 2008

Stumble Into Victory

I logged on for a quick mission tonight and as I headed to my mission agent I ran into a friendly gate camp. As I was in my new Fleet Falcon, I joined the gang and moved into position.

Turns out a couple hostiles were harassing pilots in the next system and we were covering the only way out. As I got ready the gate activated and a hostile Hurricane appeared on the overview. We engaged with our Raven, Megathron, and a couple Drakes but he burns back to the gate and jumps through.

We set a trap and move off the gate except a bait ship and myself. The enemy takes the bait, we tackle with a Rapier, and primary the hostile Typhoon battleship. It takes a few seconds but he goes down. The other hostile in the Hurricane battlecruiser makes a run for it.

Well that fortunate for me, getting in on a kill without the wait. :)

* * * * *
In other news, a corporation called Legi0n has declared war upon us with fighting due to start tomorrow. Looks like I got my new Rokh and Falcon just in time.

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