Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Out Of Practice

Back in the day when I had the alt Barak Vorn and his Thanatos carrier at my disposal I got pretty good at using two clients to move the ship from one end of empire space to the other, with Derranna and Optivus Slysonn providing the cyno beacons. Heck, I could get from Gallente to Minmatar space with four jumps over a cup of coffee with the numerous jump clones I had set up.

Its been a while and last night it showed. I was setting up for the trip from the carrier's current location to somewhere closer to home. I needed some nitrogen isotopes as fuel so Derranna loaded up the 99K she had from previous aborted POS venture *shakes fist in FINEG's general direction* and a cyno frigate into a Mammoth hauler and set course for Caldari space. Once there I scouted her into low sec and gave the fuel to Kirith before scooting back into high sec.

At this point I realized my first miscalculation. I forgot how small the cargo capacity of a carrier is nowadays. The ~3,400 m3 of the cargo hold and 10,000 m3 of the onboard Corporate Hangers were insufficient to carry all that fuel, much less the two capital mods (Capital Shield Transfer Array and Capital Remote Armour Repairer) which take 4000m3 themselves.

So I brought Derranna back, transfered the excess fuel and modules to her. But wait! I sent the Capital Shield Booster as well! Damn, send that back. Ok, all set; Derranna got back into high sec and set course for the first jump point. Once she got there I opened up the cargo hold to get the cyno frigate ready... except mistake #2: I forgot the damn thing back at the high sec system beside the carrier! I had taken it out to not risk it during the low sec jump and forgot to load it back up.

Sigh. I better get back in shape or this move is going to take forever!


  1. Unless my economic situation changes, I don't think I'll get the chance to try using two accounts. Would be useful though.

  2. Kirith, do you use a dual monitor set-up for the two accounts? Can you run them both on one computer?

    Sounds fun!

  3. Hey Jaggins,

    I have one monitor so I alt-tab between clients on the one box. Its not the best solution, I've had instances where one client doesn't come back properly if I alt tab during a session change too quickly, but 90% of the time its fine.

    I'm scheduled to get a new work computer which will be a nice laptop this time around, so for future high-risk operations I might try having the laptop for one account and my main PC for the other to avoid those alt-tab conflicts.