Thursday, November 06, 2008

Money Money Money

Despite not being able to log in much the past few days (I do have hope for tonight and a bit on Saturday night after I crush Andrew in Twilight Imperium and Memoir '44) I'm still making stuff and building up the ISK.

The 5 falcons came out of the factories and four made their way to the market (the fifth "fell of the back of the truck" into Kirith's hanger to make a good fleet Falcon, see next post for more details) and two have already sold for about 73 million ISK each, a pre-invention-cost profit of 33 million ISK each. Not bad for an hour's work spread over a couple weeks.

This morning 80 Large Shield Extender IIs came out of the oven and I put in 60 Invulnerabilty Field IIs. That's another hundred million profit once it gets to market.

Saving up for the Orca is hard work! ;)


  1. By "crush Andrew...." you do mean "die like the weedy little git you are, right?

  2. Very nice profits. I am going to begin with the next part of my operations (buying POS and setup) in a few weeks. Hope I can be as successful as you ;)

    Where do you sell your stuff? I want to know so I can avoid competition haha.

  3. Right now I'm selling out of Amarr and Tash Murkon.