Monday, November 03, 2008

Missed It By *THAT* Much

I logged in for a bit last night and to my pleasant surprise some hostiles were in the area at the same time. An ad hoc fleet was rounded up and I jumped into my solo-Falcon as I wasn't sure what we were dealing with yet and the covert ops cloak and ECM gives me some flexibility in terms of engagements.

I form up with the gang and look around. Raven. Megathron. Rokh. Navy Megathron. Another Navy Megathron. Dominix. And my little Falcon cruiser. I offered to go back and upsize to my own Rokh battleship but the FC said no, the ECM would come in handy.

Alrighty then. Force multiplier it is!

Our targets are flying a Dominix and Armageddon and appear to have a mate in a Helios covert ops trying to scan probe out mission runners. We know this because one of our gang was in a mission and narrowly avoided them. So we send him back in with his Domi to start a new mission and after a few minutes we send in the Mega to rat in the belts.

What happened next is kind of fuzzy so I may get details wrong. It all happened so fast.

Pilot A in the mission reported one of the targets, the enemy Dominix, had arrived. As we jumped into system the ratting Pilot B reported the Armageddon engaged him. Our FC gave the order to warp to the Pilot B (and I'm sure Pilot A was like "WTF???!?!?"). While in warp the Armageddon had warped off so as we land the order was given to warp to Pilot B.

Being in a fast cruiser hull I got to the mission gate first and quickly warped into the mission to do some jamming. As I arrived with the FC in his Raven right behind me, the Dominix warped off leaving his Ogre II drones behind. Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet arriving at the mission gate reported the arrival of the enemy Armageddon, probably coming to help his buddy and in mid warp when he realized we were coming here too. He was quickly tackled and destroyed.

I had to warp to a stargate and then back to the mission gate since you can't warp to objects too close in Deadspace missions. Grrrr. As expected, I arrived only to see the flash of the final explosion.

We spent another 20 minutes trying to bait and trap the Dominix pilot but he was spooked and waited out his criminal countdown before docking and whimpering in a corner in station. Ah, for Ambulation to come along so we can continue the hunt in person. (Yeah yeah I know; no station fighting.)

All in all a good night despite not making on the kill board.

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